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A corseted gown of satin and tulle, encrusted with crystals and beads - as suitable for the Venice Ball masquerades as for a wedding gown.

I have always loved the combination of a sumptuous hooded cloak over a tightly boned bodice with abundant skirts.  Although the "cape and corset" combination is a typically eighteenth century fashion, with "Venetia" the bodice is cut to shape 21st century curves, whist still reflecting classic rococo styles with its ornate decoration.

This is a totally unique design - ideal for a wedding or a venetian ball. Now that the original gown has been sold, the design can still be ordered as a made-to-measure commission, in any size. This is on the understanding that identical fabrics and trims cannot be guaranteed, but good matches can usually be made. or you may choose an entirely different colour pallete!

The corseted pale green duchesse satin bodice of the original was embellished with silver lace, and handbeaded with pastel coloured pearls, sequins and swarovski crystals. The skirt was in silver lace draped over a classic "ballet skirt" of lilac tulle.

Gown, with similar fabrics and embellishment: £2600 made-to-measure.
Cloak: £500.


"And there are dresses splendid, but fantastical,
Masks of all times and nations...
All kinds of dress...

Lord Byron "Beppo - A Venetian Story"

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