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Accessories: Embroidered bags, covered shoes and boots

Rossetti is an idyllic source for one-of-a-kind finds: antique or individually designed bridal tiaras, unique embroideries and exclusive bridesmaids outfits. Feathers, fans, venetian masks and hand-beaded headdresses can add the finishing touch to a wedding gown. Exquisite embroidered bags with sufficient room for a lipstick and hanky can be designed to match the wedding gown or as a present for a bridesmaid. Totally unique bouquets and posies of silk and beaded flowers can be designed to complement your dress. Shoes and boots of many different styles can be covered in fabrics to match or tone with your wedding outfit - see below.

Bridal bags, wedding wraps and silk shoes to match your gown

embroidered sixteenth century style bag

Above, an Elizabethan-inspired pouch-bag which was designed to hang off a sixteenth century style corseted bodice. Constructed in a shot silk dupion and embroidered with toning velvet flowers and glass beads. A small adornment to a wedding gown with adequate space for a lipstick, inhaler, comb and vows! The clip-on style enabled the bride to not need to worry about actually carrying the bag, leaving hands free for a bouquet.

embroidered sixteenth century style bag

Another small pouch bag designed to match a wedding corset of ocean coloured silk, with coral and soft terracotta embellishments, highlighted with gold. Real sea-shells, mixed with appliquéd ones; semi-precious chips of carnelian and citrine; and,of course: fresh water pearls amongst fronds of stirring "seaweed". The softest pale turquoise combines beautifully with shades of coral pink.

embroidered wedding pouch-bag

Above, a similar style of evening bag was made in the same fabric as the eighteenth century gown - a stunning embroidery with cut-velvet flowers on silk.

fabric covered silk boots

Above, an elaborately embellished wedding gown in a stuning green/ blue/ gold silk, within a week of being finished, inspired a copy and a tutu! This fabric is stunning - even through a plastic bag, clients find it irrisistible!! Victorian style lace-up boots in the same fabric were designed to match.

Butterfly and spring flower embroidered shoes and bridal bag

Again, a pouch-style bag - this time used with a more contemporary style of wedding gown. Shoes were covered with a stunning silk dupion, embroidered with such spring flowers as hydrangea, hellebores and fritillaries. Additional toning butterflies from a second pre-embroidered fabric were (painstakingly!) attached by hand.

Flower of Scotland silk tartan covered shoes and wrap

Above, "Flower of Scotland" silk tartan covered made-to-measure sling-back shoes; the lining of a shoulder wrap and the trim at the neckline and base of a corset.

tartan covered boots

An O'Connor tartan in wool was used for a fabulous pair of victorian style ankle boots. The shoe/boot-maker we use can usually be relied on to match eyelet holes and boot laces perfectly.


Silk covered boots & shoes

"I shall go shod in silk..."  Elinor Wylie

shoes  shoes

We have a wide variety of wedding and evening shoe and boot styles to chose from. These can be covered in your chosen fabric to match or tone with your wedding gown or, alternatively, a plain satin style can be dyed to match. Lists of available styles and prices are available to clients.


The mule above is equally suited to a period or modern style of wedding dress. It is the perfect complement to an eighteenth century style wedding dress or corset and skirt combination. It is shown here in a gold silk dupion embroidered in scrolling leaves and cut velvet flowers. Unfortunately the gold version shown has been discontinued except as a plain gold; two other shades are still available: a red/black and ivory background with contrasting green, red and ivory embroidery - please ask for fabric scans.

Silk mules £90 to £150 depending on chosen fabrics (plain or embroidered). Many other embroideries, brocades and alternative silks are also available. These stylish wedding shoes can be also be covered in approximately 400 different shades of plain silk dupion to match or tone with your wedding gown.


boots  boots

The victorian style ankle boot, as shown above in a plain silk dupion, is £110 to £180 depending on fabric.


Headdresses & Tiaras

elaborately beaded headdress headdress

An alice-band style is very easy to wear - for the bride or bridesmaids. Encrusted in a variety of materials: beads, crystals, antique lace and velvet flowers, sea shells, pieces of broken jewellery and vintage buttons are all possibilities as sources of decoration. Designed to order.


seashell headdress

Above, a tiara designed to blend with the "Seashore corset" (see Contemporary section and bag above).

I specialised in tiara and headdress design and construction for several years - please enquire if you have anything in mind.

Please note, once a shoe order has been made it cannot be retracted. Shoes are made to order in specific fabrics to specific sizes and styles and are therefore very individual to each order. There will be no refund of costs once fabrics are cut and shoe construction has begun.


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