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Couture Historical Bridal Gowns Restoration-style
Wedding Dress
with Celtic embellishment

purple-green shot silk corseted wedding dress with back lacing Charles II style period costume or alternative wedding dress in purple green silk over rich orange with celtic decoration embroidery

A version of the Rossetti gown "Treasure" for a Quaker wedding.

The Restoration-style, 1660's gown consisted of a shot purple/green silk corseted bodice (authentic period cut cut), worn over golden/orange shot silk petticoats. The cartridge-pleated overskirt was lined with plain green, echoing the green glow of the silk. the Irish colours were higlighted again in the celtic bodice embroidery/ appliqué, outlined in silver.

celtic decoration on purple green Charles II gown  close-up sleeve pleating close up celtic embroidery wedding bodice

back-laced 17th century corset bodice Charle 2nd period gown celtic embroidery back view purple green silk 1660 seventeenth century dress

It helps to be reasonably tall (5' 4" minimum?) to carry off a gown of this styling. The sleeves and skirts of the Charles II period are large, but this does serve to make a waist appear tiny.

17th century corset bodice back lacing and sleeves  detail of restoration style 1660's corset dress

This style of Restoration dress is very easy to wear. The entire gown consists of one large (but light) petticoat, an underskirt (the orange silk), then the purple/green silk gown itself. The bodice itself is boned, so that there is no need for a seperate corset. This is authentic to the period. See also "Treasure" in this category, for an entire gown in the orange/red shot silk - "Treasure" is laced at the front.

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