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18th Century Style Wedding Dress "Gold Embellished Red/Blue Silk"

red and navy shot silk eighteenth century style historical wedding dress side view of nineteenth century style wedding dress in jade green silk

This commission drew together elements of several Rossetti designs, resulting in a very original gown with an eighteenth century flavour.

Harpers plate bustle frame design options

Harpers plate bustle frame design options

After a little experimenting with possible embellishment motifs, we ended up using the kind of decoration which has proved very effective on Rossetti ballet tutus.

fluted hanging cuff at elbow

A slightly hour-glass styled corset bodice with off-the-shoulder sleeves revealing the shoulder, provided a sense of 21st century style to an otherwise classic eighteenth century period shape.

turquoise and gold bustle wedding dress from behind


The bride chose a beautiful red silk dupion, shot with dark blue;
all embellishment and sleeve linings in a contrasting gold.

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