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Back view ofhistorical wedding dress

Back view ofhistorical wedding dress
On the kind recommendation of Vera Wang, Rossetti was approached by Cathy Rubin to help with her project on the life of Alice Liddell - the original inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. Cathy was producing a documentary film and accompanying book on Alice's life.

Her society wedding to Reginald Hargreaves took place in Westminster Abbey in 1880, and although there is a written description from the time of her gown of spanish lace and brocade, no photographic evidence survives. Rossetti was asked to contribute to the book an imagined version of what Alice may have worn, based on authentic costume of the time. Contributors to the book include Annie Leibowitz, Lizzy Rockwell, Helen Oxenbury, Jewel and Louise Rennie.

19th century style wedding gown

Below, Alice Pleasance Liddell, by kind permssion of Cathy Rubin
and "The Real Alice in Wonderland" film documentary project. The book and film are released in spring 2010.

The "Alice" book led to Rossetti collaborating on a design project, "To Dress a Princess" for the influential online newspaper, The Huffington Post.
Pre-promotion can be seen here. Are you inspired by Alice?

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