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Peacock Theme

peacock blue-green corset with bolero jacket, gold lace cuffs close-up of peacock embellished corset in blues, greens, gold, combination of varying fabrics

I was so inspired by Jenni's peacock themed wedding in 2008 (photos yet to come!), that, with her approval, we now hold a reproduction of her outfit in the studio. Constructed to fit a size 18, it consists of three pieces: a flattering silk skirt, an hour-glass shaped corset, and matching bolero jacket with eighteenth century style sleeves.

Jenni wove the peacock theme throughout her wedding - from the invitations to the bridesmaids and the table settings.

If you are equally inspired, this is an exotic, yet elegant route to follow. Have a look at pretty-as-a-peacock to see many possible ideas to follow. The main colours to consider are aqua or teal green, olive, purple and indigo. These are beautifully highlighted with the metallics: copper bronze gold, or subdued by neutral toned linen or matka.

peacock and hand-pleated organza detailing

peacock corset - truer colour - no flash

Lady Curzon's peacock dress, peacock toned silks; stationary by Zazzle and Inkebony detail of bodice fabrics and feathering peacock source material inspiration

The famous "Peacock" dress, was created by Worth for Lady Curzon to wear to a state ball in 1903 - embroidered on gold cloth with peacock feathers, each with a diamond in the eye and embellished with many precious stones.

Flowers - need to be dramatic: exotic (bronze?) orchids, Birds of Paradise, Callas in rich tones, draping Amaranthus for bouquets or table centrepieces. Peacock feather fans can be used by attendants - or the bride herself - instead of bouquets. Ostrich feathers work beautifully with peacocks. Jenni chose stationary, adorned with scrolling feathers. I have read of suggestions to have bridesmaids - one of each in blue, green, purple, copper, olive...

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