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Bridal Gowns
The Jewel Collection:
"Lapis Lazuli"

blue navy royal purple corset mixed fabrics close-up of textured mixed texture corset in blues, greens, navy, combination of varying fabrics

This two-piece alternative wedding gown was in some ways a very belated way of agreeing with my art tutors. Twenty years ago I was frequently told to study textile art - I'm afraid I paid little heed. They had foresight though, because these days I gain so much enjoyment from manipulating fabrics, textures, weaves and colours. I feel that this corset would easily have a "second life" after the wedding day (often the requirement of many clients), worn with denim. It will be possible to order purely a corset - skirts can be designed individually to each client's requirements.

organza velvet and silk textured corset in blues

detail of multi-fabric textured corset in blues

detail of bodice fabrics and feathering lapis inspiration

"Lapis" is a style, not a set design, and can be constructed in endless colour combinations. However, the original inspiration came from the semi-precious stone, and there are some interesting attached connotations:

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties: Self-confidence, Love, Inner Power, Intuition. "A stone of protection....quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions."

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