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Pre-Raphaelite/ Medieval "Iris" ("Raffaella" variation)
pre-raphaelite style wedding dress decorated with irises with medieval hanging sleeves

The original "Raffaella" gown proved to be very popular with brides who wanted the Medieval style without layers of soft floating chiffon at elbow and skirt; they suited a more tailored look. We have finally managed to make time to produce a studio sample in a larger size than the original.

"Iris" has (approx.) a 44" bust, 36-38" waist and 48-52" hips, so can be tried on by anyone of a size 18 plus to see if the shape works for them.



"Iris" is shown in a pale green silk dupion with a silver border at the hem. The iris flowers are worked in appliqué in tones of lilac and mauve, highlighted with pearls and tiny sequins.



Classic iris flowers provide an inspiring colour palette of purples and greens, but this can easily be varied to order. The iris can be exchanged for a different type of flower (please ask) - especially if you have a flower in mind that is of particular significance.

Made-to-Measure - "Iris" as shown with appliqué-work: £2700 including fabrics
Studio Sample for Sale: £500

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Notes From The Designer

If you would love to wear the Pre-Raphaelite style for your Wedding you will probably find inspiration in such films as "Lord of the Rings" (Galadrial and Arwen's elven costumes), "First Knight" and "The Lion in Winter". To explain the look they are trying to achieve, many of my brides have referenced or shown in "mood boards" the costumes in "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves", "Legend", "First Knight" and "Merlin". The girl band "The Mediaeval Baebes" are often attired in fantasy style medieval gowns. Paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite artists Waterhouse ("The Lady of Shalott", "St Cecilia", "Ophelia", "The crystal Ball", "The Enchanted garden"), and Edmund Blair-Leighton ("The Accolade", "Godspeed" , "The Call to Arms"), all offer timeless inspiration.