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18th Century Bridal Gowns "Georgiana"

turquoise and ivory eighteenth century style historical wedding dress side view of nineteenth century style wedding dress in jade green with ivory silk

I was determined that a recent visit to see the film "The Duchess" would be purely for enjoyment - no costume research, no study - pure leisure. I failed! For one thing, it was quite an interesting experience to see familiar period costumes stepping straight out of the pages of my own period costume books; from our own Victoria and Albert to the Kyoto Costume Institute, several of Keira Knightley's costumes (apparently 27 in total) had their origins in real eighteenth century dress.

Prior to immersing myself in it again, I'd almost forgotten how lovely late eighteenth century dress is, with wide open necklines, fitted long sleeves and bodices cut away to reveal a stomacher- a "zone front". This gives the effect of a waistcoat - not unlike the ever-popular "shrug" or bolero jacket of today. Men's riding jacket styles were adopted by ladies, giving jackets interesting pleating arrangements at the back waist... Once reminded, I was in deep: itchy fingers quickly led to several planned variations on the 1780's theme!

back-view of the pleated jacket effect

The design shown consists of a corset-bodice with a pleated "jacket" back. It is one item and therefore very easy to wear, although it gives the impression of a corset with a jacket worn over the top; it fastens at the front.

The jacket part of the design is in a turquoise/ royal blue shade of silk. Challenging to photograph! Samples can be provided on request if you would like to see the actual colour.

Also shown are alternative embellishments - contrasting and toning silk and velvet flowers. The availability of these - and other embellishments - varies constantly. Some are one-offs, some I have a few of, it all depends on what is available at the point you place an order. As shown (or similar): £2400.

alternative silk flower embellishment.



Colours fabrics, trims and embellishments can be varied from those shown - over four hundred shades of plain silk dupion are available. At present, the gown can be reproduced exactly as shown, including embellishment.

Size 12/14 (approx.) held as studio sample.

The film "The Duchess" used Holkham Hall for interior shots - in particular it's famous marble entrance hall. If you visit for a consultation, you may be tempted while here to a take a small detour to the North Norfolk coast to visit this in reality - together with the beautiful expanse of Holkham beach: famous for it's use at the end of "Shakespeare in Love"

Georgiana Wedding Gown Copyright © 2008 Theresa Blake. All Rights Reserved.