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Contemporary Bridal Gowns "Odette"

Anna's initial approach to me was to ask if it was possible to have a wedding gown made like a tutu. With my background, I guess this was always inevitable!

She had been inspired by an Odette tutu I worked on for London Festival ballet nearly 20 years ago! The original Swan Queen costume was decorated with representative "feathers" of appliquéd fabrics on the bodice and the tutu skirt, and was highlighted with beads, sequins and crystals. For this unique bridal variation, we evolved a combination of golds, creams and ivory fabrics in a mix of silk satins, brocade and tulle. The swan feather decoration was applied to a boned and laced corset, based on a classic tutu bodice. Instead of a tutu, we designed a multi-layered "chopped-into" tulle skirt of graduated layers of ivory, cream and gold net worn over a taffeta mini skirt. On Anna, this looked incredible!!

A bolero jacket, trimmed with more appliquéd feathers, was also created to wear over the dress.


From a Norfolk studio to a New Zealand beach - this golden swan gown was nothing if not well travelled!

Many thanks are due to both Anna, who was a delight to work with, and to her extremely talented photographer.

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