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18th century Blue silk corset/stays

blue silk dupion 18th century corset, hand bound with pink silk Eighteenth century corset with details of lacing and hand-bound tabs

This is a classic 1780's corset shape. I have made it for dancers, brides (see "Ivy", "Flora", "Cecilia" and "Liquid Gold"), re-enactors and opera singers. It has been constructed as an accurate historical recreation, or turned into a thoroughly contemporary item which looks well, worn with jeans! Each corset will have slight variations according to need. We have removed the hand bound waist tabs sometimes - although I personally think it is far more attractive to leave them on....or expanded them to cover the hips - see "Innes". We have straightened or raised the neckline or made the bone channels invisible. Leaving the bone channels for all to see is actually very flattering, because it draws the eye from the full width of the chest, in to the waist. So sometimes we have enhanced them by using a contrasting thread to stitch the channel - or metallic thread for some sparkle...

 Blue silk corset Copyright © 1987 Theresa Blake. All Rights Reserved.