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Contemporary Bridal Gowns "Beatrix" (An Inspiring Gown...)
Green/ gold or turquoise alternative strapless wedding dress with gold lace decoration Gold lace and beading detail overgreen/ blue silk.

This classic glamorous gown with a strapless corseted bodice is constructed in a rich turquoise/ green shade of silk which takes on a lustre of gold in certain lights. It is embellished with gold lace, crystal drops and beading, has a softly pleated skirt and is laced at the back to emphasize the waist.



Above: details of the original "Beatrix" dress showing the gold lacework, blue/green crystal drops and the gold back-lacing to the corset bodice

green/ blue boots covered in client's fabric to match gown.


Above: Victorian-style ankle boots covered in the "Beatrix" fabric



The "Lucetta" design (see Contemporary index) works beautifully in the "Beatrix" blue/ green (gold?) silk, again embellished with gold.
shell-pink off-the-shoulder corset dress.


Jane's individual design (see "Verona" in the Contemporary section) was based on the "Beatrix" bodice, this time in a shell pink.

turquoise and gold professional quality tutu

Karina fell for the original "Beatrix" silk for her tutu - inevitably calling for gold decoration!

Emerald green version of Beatrix, transferred to a tutu bodice.

Sarah was the first to transfer the basics of "Beatrix" to a tutu - we changed the silk to an emerald green but repeated the gold lacework exactly.

"Beatrix" can be made-to-measure in literally hundreds of colour and fabric variations.

  From £1900 (construction) plus fabric. Please enquire for fabric-variable quotes, and do specify tutu or wedding gown!
Truly "variations on a theme"!

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