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18th Century Style
Bridal Gowns

Arta and crafts inspired historical wedding dress in terracotta and green

A gown to bridge the centuries! The bodice fabric is a Tudor design (hand painted). The design, at the request of the client, was eighteenth century in shape, with a slightly raised neckline; the autumnal colouring and overall effect is classic Arts and Crafts in the style of Kelmscott Press illuminations. The bride was also inspired by the "Pandora" gown (see Pre-Raphaelite and Medieval categories), but did not wish to have the long chiffon hanging sleeves.

detail of silk-lined sleeve cuff detail of beaded neckline sleeve and beading

We used the original costume plate as a design source, while retaining the flavour of the film costume.

Kelmscott illustrations some of the colour alternatives in the basic brocade before it is painted into - includes use in the BBC's The Tudors

The boned corset bodice was in a rich brocade with a toning silk dupion skirt, worn over a large petticoat. The neckline of the bodice was edged in dyed pearls, with matching drop pearls on the fluted cuff edges.

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