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Contemporary Bridal Gowns Art Nouveau Inspiration

White wedding corset with sleeves and art nouveau decoration in blue, wine and green Ribbon lacing on back of Art Nouveau style white silk wedding corset.
Appliqued Art Nouveau motifs around hem of white wedding dress Appliquéd and beaded sleeve cuffs, inspired by artnouveau silverwork motifs.

I am not usually tempted to show finished gowns unless they are displayed either on a dress stand, or the bride herself. Unfortunately, on this occasion I did not have the opportunity to photograph the gown on the bride at the final fitting; nor did I take pictures on a dress stand due to the very individual physique of the client. No wedding photographs at this point, so no "closure" with this wedding gown!

I leave it to your powers of visualisation to picture the completed effect. I thought that, at the very least, the ingredients of this order might be of interest - a design evolved entirely by the bride herself: from colours to shape - rather than a Rossetti design.



From firescreen to wedding bodice - source material, below.


Detail of the applied Art Nouveau motifs in royal blue, green and wine silk, highlighted in silver .


This gown was developed from a quantity of original source material: objet d'arts, jewellery, prints, paintings, tiles, firescreens, enamel brass and silverwork from the Art Nouveau period. A vast selection of inspiration from a period that both the bride and her fiancé had a true enthusiasm for.

The characteristic Art Nouveau motifs around the hem, on the bodice and sleeve cuffs, were worked in appliquéd silk. (Hand embroidering an equivalent area would have been excessively expensive!)

source material provided by client

 Art Nouveau Wedding Dress Copyright © 2007 Theresa Blake. All Rights Reserved.