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Classical Ballet Tutus
& Dance Costume
Bluebird Tutu from
"The Sleeping Beauty"
Elaborately decorated bluebird tutu with appliquéd wings in tones of blue and silver

This tutu is inspired by one of the most famous pas de deux danced by Princess Florine and her Bluebird.  Its blue/green taffeta bodice with silver lace has dramatic appliqué wing decoration, highlighted with light reflecting beadwork.

Close-up of appliquéd wing decoration.

Pancake style tutu consisting of 12 skirt layers and supporting hoop with attached knickers.

Inside the made-to-measure costume, showing the basque - fitting from waist to hip where the skirts begin.

Underside of costume showing gradations of net colours.

As with all Rossetti tutus, this costume can be made to your specifications; fabric, decoration and colour can be varied (please enquire). All items are constructed to professional performance standards as used by eg. The Royal Ballet English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet.

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