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Fantasy Costume "Ice Princess"

The "Ice Princess"/ "Snow Queen" costume (we never quite decided!) was a commission from a children's entertainment company (Crafty Arty 01300 345397) for Christmas 2007. Designed in icy shades of blue, white and silver, the crushed velvet ice blue corset was laced front and back (for added flexibility because it might have to fit several different people). The bodice was swathed in crystals and snowflake sequins, combined with swarovski crystals.

Icy Snow Queen or Ice Princess costume, constructed as a ballet costume
The skirt of tiered layers of tulle and iridescent organza was sharply cut into erratic points to add movement and imply "iciness".

Many thanks to Crafty Arty for assorted images

The icy costume worked hard over Christmas - appearing at charity balls, visiting 11 Downing Street, Great Ormond Street Hospital and promoting the entertainment company. We can provide contacts for this award winning company who, besides corporate entertaining, also provide crêche entertainment for weddings.

See "Butterfly Princess" for another costume made for this company in the Contemporary Bridal Gowns section.

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