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Classical Ballet Tutus
& Dance Costume
"Don Quixote" Tutu

This dramatic ballet tutu was commissioned by Cheshire Youth Ballet for a series of performances at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe. The red silk bodice and matching net skirts were set off by the vibrantly contrasting black lace decoration.

The most basic tutu consists of a 12 panel bodice with a skirt of 12 net layers. When made to order the skirt length can be cut according to the dancers height. The tutu skirt can be quite softly tacked as shown or can be a more rigid "pancake" shape.

red spanish style Kitri tutu designed for Don Quixote and decorated in black


This kind of classical ballet tutu (hooped) will cost between £550 - 700. Price is determined by the amount of decoration and embellishment: trimmngs and beading.

A matching headdress was constructed with a spanish comb effect
and red silk roses.

Photos of Cheshire Youth Ballet, performing, above left.

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