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Classical Ballet Tutus
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"Juliet" Ballroom Costume
Juliet ballgown in layered chiffon andvelvet laced bodice combined with renaissance style sleeves

Inspired by the ballroom scene from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet", this romantic and lyrical costume is embellished with renaissance style decoration. The bodice and slashed sleeves of crushed blue velvet are highlighted with pink, lilac and silver together with a toning silk changeant chiffon skirt in blue / pink.

The silk has several properties: it prevents "static creep" on man-made tights, it "reads" under stage lighting in a far more flattering way than a synthetic fabric would, and it flows with every movement. Consider how Juliet's cloak flies behind her as she runs to Friar Lawrence in the third act of the ballet. The fine silk chiffon cloak almost becomes part of the choreography.

As with all Rossetti costumes, this ballroom gown can be made to measure (approx. £650); fabric, decoration and colour can be varied (please enquire). All items are constructed to professional performance standards as used by eg. English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet.

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