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Classical Ballet Tutus
& Dance Costume
Aurora Tutu
from "Sleeping Beauty"
This made-to-measure classical ballet tutu was designed for a production of "Sleeping Beauty". The twelve layered skirt is supported by a hoop to give a flattering "pancake" effect and to withstand extremes of choreography. It is constructed in the heaviest weight of tutu net (only available in black and white). This is a specialist tutu net, as used by The Royal Ballet and other major companies. The white silk bodice shown is elaborately decorated with suitably eye-catching silver and pink detailing, highlighted with sequins and light-reflecting stones.

White Aurora tutu with silver and pink decoration

As with all Rossetti tutus, this costume can be made to your specifications; fabric, decoration and colour can be varied (please enquire). All items are constructed to professional performance standards as used by eg. English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet.

An alternative colour combination (designed for Harlow Ballet Association) is shown below - highly suitable for the "Rose Adagio".


Tutu Construction

Toile of the bodice with almost completed skirt
Accurate measurements of the dancer are taken at the initial consultation, when the design of the costume will be discussed, fabrics and trimmings viewed and sample tutus tried on. The measurements are used to construct the tutu skirt which will be fitted, together with a calico toile of the bodice on the dancer at the first fitting. The tutu will fit like a couture garment.

Having fitted the toile (calico), the actual bodice can be made and finished in the chosen fabric. Most bodices on women's tutus are boned to support the dancer, and maintain the shape of the multi-panelled, tapered bodice.
Completed bodice prior to decoration

Inside the tutu bodice showing the basque,
the boning and the fastenings
The finished silk bodice is strongly stitched to the skirt. Great care is taken to match centre fronts, centre backs, sides and the quarters in-between. Accurate alignment is vital.

For this particular order the bodice decoration - a mixture of facetted jewellery stones, silver and iridescent sequins on silver lace - was applied directly by hand.

A decorated Rossetti tutu will take approximately 40 hours to create. A plain tutu takes around three days. A great deal of the construction is done by hand.

Handbeading the skirt decoartion
following a sketched template

The completed Aurora tutu with decorated bodice
and skirt, fully tacked into its "plate" shape

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