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Classical Ballet Tutus
& Dance Costume
"Lilac Fairy Tutu"
Bell shaped tutu designed as a Sleeping Beauty fairy in shades of lilac, green and gold

The "bell-shaped" or "Euro" tutu is an attractive alternative to the classic pancake-shaped tutu. This style replicates a plate tutu during pirouettes and jumps, but adopts a softer shape while still. It has the advantage of being easier to ship in the UK due to the lack of a hoop.

bell-shaped tutu in lilac, green and gold

Unlike the limited colour palette available to the stiff nets used for pancake tutus (approx. 12), the bell-shaped skirt is achieved from softer fabrics with at least fifty shades to choose from. (The example shown contains at least 7 different colours; lilacs, pinks, purples, soft greens and blues).

As with all Rossetti tutus, this costume can be made to your specifications; fabric, decoration and colour can be varied (please enquire). All items are constructed to professional performance standards as used by eg. English National Ballet and Scottish Ballet.

Made-to-measure as shown/ similar: £700

There are endless design variations possible. Please contact for a quotation.

The tutu, as shown, is currently for sale. In absolutely mint condition, it is available for 295 plus postage.

Measurements: bust: 31/32" (34"if bust pads removed); waist 25"-26"; low (widest)hip 33"-35" .

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