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Classical Ballet Tutus
& Dance Costume
Spanish Costume

A stunning costume of vividly contrasting colours highlighted in gold. The bodice of red silk and black velvet is cut to professional dance costume standards to allow for complete freedom of movement. The skirt of tiered layers of black lace is edged in gold with red ribbon highlights and has adequate volumes of fabric to accomodate the most expansive choreography. This costume is equally suitable for Flamenco, character dance or attending a Masked Ball in typically Spanish style.

The original sample is available to buy (please enquire) or can also be ordered as a made-to-measure costume; variations are possible such as extra skirt layers or petticoats.

Red, gold and black Spanish Dance costume with lace, ribbons and tiered skirt; designed as a Masquerade Ball costume

A variety of decorated face and handheld masks (mainly on a Venetian Carnival theme) are available to hire or buy. Alternatively an individual mask can be designed from scratch.

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