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Classical Ballet Tutus
For Sale
"Silver Embellished
Blue Tutu"

silver embellished classical ballet tutu on pink ground silver embellished pale blue coloured tutu

As shown: £400. Made-to-measure £ 600-700.
A one-off design, available now for purchase. This is one of the first available Rossetti
ready-to-wear "off-the-peg" classical tutu designs.
This tutu is in pale powder blue with a blue/silver brocade bodice. It has elaborate silver sparkling decoration which is extremely effective under stage lights.

detail of silver decoration on pale blue classical tutu detail of tutu decoration in silver on pale blue

Dancers, visiting to try on costumes, will be asked to come prepared with tights and, ideally, a lightweight camisole leotard to wear under the tutu.

This particular tutu was cut from amalgamated Rossetti patterns, prototyped from making tutus for several young Royal Ballet Associates aged 8/10 years.
It would fit a child of or near to the measurements:

Height (approx) 50"-54" Bust 21"- 23"
Waist 19"- 21"
Diaphragm 20"- 22"
High hip 22.5"- 24.5"
Low Hip (Widest) 24.5"- 25.5"

Full girth (approx) - 44" These are "true" measurements, not allowing for any ease, as with normal day clothes.
Small adjustments only, (movement of shoulder and leg elastics, hooks,etc), can be undertaken and will not be charged for. Tutus can always more reasonably be taken in than let out!

If you are inspired by the design, but the measurements are not suitable, this tutu can be constructed as a made-to-measure order for an additional fee. (This reflects the time spent constructing and fitting a toile to the dancer's own measurements, to obtain a perfect fit). This will only be possible if fabrics and embellishments are still available. The "off-the peg" tutus will mainly be one-offs and will incorporate unique and individual trims, fabrics and embellishments which cannot always be repeated.

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