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Classical Ballet Tutus
"Royal Blue Tutu"

Royal blue classical ballet tutu with gold decoration Royal blue tutu viewed straight-on to show angle of skirts

Designed to order for an award-winning competitor in major UK ballet competitions, this tutu was constructed in royal blue with gold decoration. The bodice was a silk dupion, perfectly matched (from six other "nearly there" blues!) to the net skirts.

detail of skirt and bodice embellishment detail of tutu bodice decoration in gold appliqué

The bodice and skirt overlay are embellished with gold appliqué-work and beaded with gold sequins which constantly sparkle as the dancer moves.

royal-blue tutu viewed slightly from above - plate effect tutu skirt gold embellishments

The short, stiff plate-shaped tutu skirt starts as black at the knickers, alternating black and blue nets for interest.

At present, this costume can be reproduced exactly as shown as a made-to-measure tutu. It was designed for a young dancer with memorably red hair on whom it will look extremely effective. The same design can be executed in different colour combinations - gold on burgundy, silver on white or red on black would be equally impressive.

royal-blue tutu original inspiration for gold appliqué embellishments

The gold appliqué decoration had it's origins back in 1988 when it was developed as a design to edge the court train of a victorian costume (above right, see also "Elizabeth of Austria", 19th century section).

royal blue tutu decorated with gold appliqué


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