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Pre-Raphaelite / Medieval "Indira"
 Blue version of medieval-style wedding dress
While the romance of Arwen's costumes from "Lord of The Rings" may greatly appeal, if you have ever been tempted by the exuberant glitter of a Bollywood epic with its rainbow of colourful costumes, lavish culinary delights, music, dancing and inevitable wedding scene, this style of gown is an ideal way for East to meet West!

On several occasions I have found the rich embroideries of Indian saris ideally suited to Mediaeval styled gowns. In particular, to reproduce wedding dresses based on the famous painting "The Accolade" by Edmond Blair Leighton.

"Bombay Dreams", "Monsoon Wedding" or "The Far Pavillions" might provide inspiration for your entire wedding day! Your guests may be tempted to attire themselves in sumptuous silks, bangles and mehendi; flower garlands and petals might decorate the reception while you dance into the night to the sounds of bhangra.

This design can be varied and individualised
to each made-to-measure order.

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