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Pre-Raphaelite / Medieval "Artemis"
Celtic Style Wedding Dress with Hooded Cloak

Medieval style wedding dress in ivory and gold with chiffon hanging sleeves
This variation on the Mediaeval theme consists of a multi-panelled duchesse satin boned bodice with a flattering double layered skirt of silk chiffon over crepe.  Shown in cream and gold, this ethereal gown is matched with a wonderfully romantic crushed velvet cape in moss green, lined with cream satin. Embroidered or beaded designs - varying from entwined ivy leaves to celtic knots can be added to the collar or central skirt panel. This design can be varied, elaborated on and constructed in many different colours and fabrics.

The version, shown left was a one-off gown; the belt, collar colour and cut organza front panel were all unique pieces. However, we have stocks of the same collar fabric in gold on red and many, many alternatives for beaded belts and hanging panels. The original sample of this gown is no longer held here, having long ago been sold, but can still be made to order.

Hooded cloaks, from a range of velvets and silks: £250-£375 including fabric.

Gown from £2300-£2700 depending on chosen fabrics and embroideries.

crushed velvet cloak

The artists at "Polyvore" have had great fun with these images, as shown below, producing many variations on
the Medieval theme. Do visit the site and search under "Rossetti" for all picure credits and item links.

This design can be varied and individualised
to each made-to-measure order.

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