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Pre-Raphaelite / Medieval "Keridwen"
Pre-raphaelite blue and gold brocade with chiffon skirts, pearl embellished wedding dress, full length view. blue and gold brocade medieval-style wedding dress with chiffon skirts
A figure-flattering brocade boned bodice shown in blue and gold with elaborately decorated sleeves, enhancing the off-the-shoulder neckline. The corseted bodice is back-laced. 
As shown above, the skirt consists of layered champagne coloured chiffon over a straight underskirt (with back split) for a more contemporary edge.  It can also be cut with a more traditional full underskirt.  The romantic mediaeval style hanging sleeves are in chiffon over a fitted under-sleeve of embroidered organza. The blue-gold brocade shown is no longer available, but we have many alternatives to choose from: brocades, damasks, satins and many more. 

Fabrics, colours and decoration can be varied to order: £2500 plus fabric, please enquire for details.

side view blue/ gold brocade medieval gown shoulder detail of fairytale medieval wedding gown with pearl embellishment

This design can be varied and individualised
to each made-to-measure order.

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Medieval wedding dress Medieval wedding dresses Preraphelite Wedding dresses Pre-raphaelite Wedding dresses Preraphaelite Wedding dresses