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Classical Ballet Costume

"Lise" costume from "La Fille mal gardée"

close-up of the flower-applique apron on the La Fille mal gardee costume. Ballet costume designed for Lise, but equally suited to Giselle or Swanhilda in pink with white organza skirts over net and decorated apron
The basis of the "Lise" costume (made-to-measure, to order) was a classic "ballet pink" bodice combined with white organza-over-net skirts. To make the costume alter visually for three different parts of the performance it had two different aprons (removeable): one decorated with broiderie anglais; the other with appliquéd flowers. It also had two sets of sleeves: one pair to sit on the shoulder and to match the broiderie anglais apron and mini mob-cap. A further pair in white organza, edged in silver lace were for the wedding scene (minus aprons, plus veil!) to be worn off-the-shoulder.


Lise design. , Lise mob-cap

This costume would be equally suited to such parts as Swanhilda from "Coppélia", Giselle (with softer skirts), "Napoli", "Tarantella" and many other Bournonville roles.



This design can be varied and individualised
to each made-to-measure order.

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