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Contemporary Bridal Gowns "Flower of Scotland"
 A wrap of peacock silk dupion backed with Flower of Scotland silk tartan We managed to match a gorgeous peacock blue/red shot silk to the groom's Flower of Scotland tartan.

Tartan, heather and butterflies were to be the key elements of Victoria and Iain's wedding in Kelso. We managed to match a gorgeous peacock blue/red shot silk to the groom's "Flower of Scotland" tartan. A classic long line back-laced corset was edged with silk tartan and embellished with a beaded butterfly on the upper hip! To complete the head-to-toe effect, shoes were also covered in silk tartan.

Appliquéd and beaded butterfly as corset trim


Flower of Scotland trim to corset.
Silk tartan shoes made-to-order
Close-up of the beaded butterfly worked in iridescent beads and crystals.
Peacock blue/ Teal green laced corset



A wrap of peacock silk dupion, backed with "Flower of Scotland" tartan gave Victoria the stylish option of silk swathed shoulders, combined with chill prevention!

Tones of peacock blue silk varied to a rich turquoise according to the light. The corset, embellished with a beaded and embroidered butterfly

The wonderful photos of Victoria's wedding day were taken by Muray photography (01270 611177). We can give you all contacts for this highly skilled photographer if you would like to contact us directly. Please note, you do have to apply perseverance to get hold of this particular photographer ( I have struggled myself) possibly due to his great popularity!

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